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Speed dating on February 15th 2020 in Kharkov

If there is love, everything is possible ... Nowadays there are many stories, Western men make thousands of kilometers to discover a new culture, fascinated by the beauty and charm of Ukrainian or Russian women they have the strong enough desire to find among these ladies a rare pearl. The Ukrainian or Russian lady can become a special and ideal lady for her man if there is love. The woman who experiences this feeling changes to the best. We can continue to describe what happens with the person once she falls in love, but it is better to live this experience. Now it's your turn to play and we're here to help you find your pearl.

What is it?

Speed dating is an evening of acquaintances between people who are looking for a soul mate. Such kind of events is ORGANISED TWICE A YEAR IN KHARKOV. If you are tired of looking for like-minded people at work, various night parties, chatting on dating sites, then speed dating in Kharkov is exactly the format that will be comfortable for you! We are visited by men and women who are united by one idea – to expand their circle of acquaintances, friends, partners and, of course, open to relationships. 

By the way, we should say that during our last Social, our men clients could find beautiful ladies and some of them are going to be married this autumn. Our greatest pride is 7 couples who have created families and are happy together. 

We post some photos of our happy couples who gave to us their permission. We always respect a wish of our clients.

Why trust us?

We will be glad to help you with our advice and to answer all your questions from the moment of registration till the moment of finding your Perfect Match.

We remind you that the registration is free and all of our advices concerning ladies are to guide you to meeting your beautiful partner.

We ask you to be patient as our work takes time of finding a good match for you. As we are not in supermarket for buying fruits) And this is a very delicate question. We respect a lot your precious time and ask you to be respectful to our work.

We may prove that every man who was serious about his wish to find a special lady, could find her by our help. Not only men but also women who were cooperating with us, who were patient and understanding to our big work and time we put to help them, could find a good match.

Our main difference from some other agencies or sites is our great wish to see people happy and help them to find a partner for a beautiful relationship. So, if by occasion you find our name on internet, for example, our name is mentioned on other internet sites or resources, you may be sure, that they already know we are strong enough and very professional in our work of matchmakers.

More then 15 years, I have been working as interpreter and wish to continue this activity which is very important and help people from different countries to meet. I could find out lot of people, all of them are very different and unique in their own way. Many people were able to meet  and become more happier, become better, to progress to develop and realised that the quality of our life depends on us. I firmly beleive that there will be always people who may need our assitance and help and we can make this world better together.

I will be glad to meet you in person in Kharkov and see if we may help you in your search. If yes, and everyone is agree: you as well as ladies, we provide all necessary services you to meet a good lady. Or, there are cases when in our agency there are no ladies who wil match you, then we make a special searh of a lady which usually takes 1 or 5 days or we suggest you antother agency, where you will probably find your lady. But attention! there are lot of agencies in Kharkov city, and all of them have different specialisation, and all have an individual way of work. The main important thing is you to be sure about your step, have a strong wish and firm desision to find a lady for beautifull relationship and we are always here to help you!!!

Best wishes Elena, founder of and


What are the advantages of taking part in our Social Evening?

You will meet many beautiful women of Kharkov – our criteria is 3-5 women per one man. All of them are interested in serious relationship and finding partner for life, as we pay much attention to women’s sincerity before adding them to our list. You will have nice dates and avoid scammers.

How it is going on?

Men and women come to Kharkov from different cities, we invite ladies from different regions of Ukraine. 

The evening of the meetings will take place in a very good restaurant. Men and women sit opposite each other in chairs or at a separate table and begin communication, or in other words – a mini-meeting lasting 3-5 minutes. The purpose of the mini-date, of course, is to get to know each other better, look at the person and understand whether he is attractive to you, and most importantly, to determine for yourself whether you want to meet him after the event.

On the program: speed-dating, dance show, disco, meals, snacks and, of course individual meetings with beautiful single Ukrainian women wishing to succeed in a serious union with a Western man. The professional interpreters (French and English) will be present at the event for each man.



1. More likely to meet love!

2. You will perceive incomparable vivid impressions!

3. Will get lots of positive emotions and happy feelings!

4. Will have a great opportunity of live communication!

5. Will live a new unusual unforgettable experience!


Program of event, drinks, sweets, entertainment, speed dating – all this is included in the ticket price. Additionally, you do not need to pay for anyone, for anything.

Ticket – 450 EUR.

When may I register for the party?

– Registration starts in October and ends 8 days before the social event. 

You fill out the registration form and send to us with 2-3 of your photos.  We will contact you to give you more detailed  information and discuss your case.  

What is the success rate?

– In general if the man wishes to find the woman for a serious relationship and knows what he wants, he find a lady for a serious and beutifull relationship. By our experience 8 men from 10 find what they are looking for and satisfied with our work. 

Our role is to help man with  selection of women before  the personal meetings and give our opinion on each of our member woman as we know all of them in person. Sometimes the choice may be quite diffucult because of a big numbers of ladies , we are always ready to help with advices and to guide a man towards the one lady  who may become his lady of heart.

Our experience is quite rich on love stories, so men as well as women who have been able to find their love or soul-mate can share with you their positive experience. 

How many ladies can I meet ? 

– You can meet so many ladies as you wish, if they have the same wish as you have, we organize meetings with them. Also it depends on wish and the period of your stay.

In general how many ladies do you suggest to meet ?

– Well, you may meet only one lady and find a good connection between you. By experience, we organize meetings for men whose wish is to find a lady for a beautiful relationship, and here there is only one special formula – to meet a right lady. Give us information about you and describe a lady you wish to meet, send us your photos. And we are glad to start to help you with selection of ladies. We suggest to meet 3 or 5 ladies.

How long it’s better to stay in Kharkov to meet 3-5 ladies ?

– The best period we suggest is 5 – 7 days. And then if all goes well you may see with a lady how to develop your communication and relationship.

How may I be sure that all of them are interested ? 

– Only ladies who wish to meet you take this important decision and come for a personal meeting. Every of our ladies members are very busy with their work and wish and hope by our assistance to meet a man for a beautiful and stable relationship. 

Is it true that some of ladies wishes to find a man but really don’t wish to leave a country?

– Yes it’s true, there are always ladies who wish to stay live in their country, everyone has her own reason. That’s why our personal assistance may help you to meet ladies who have the same wish as you.

Are there ladies who are willing to find a partner for a life or ladies who just wish to live this experience to get more emotions?

Before to register ladies, we meet them in person and talk to them to understand their wishes and desires. All of the ladies are different, different characters, different personalities, but all have the same  wish to love and be loved.  

What do Ukrainian or Russian women expect from the foreign men?

– Well, the question is very interesting and the right answer you may get from your ideal partner. 

So many ladies, so many opinions. Everyone is unique on her own way and every one has her own wishes.  And every lady had different experience in the past, some ladies keep their values and still wish for a beautiful family and are ready to invest their time and efforts to achieve their goal. Some of them prefer to choose another direction which will be not appreciated, but which bring them satisfaction. And here, we have to ask the ladies: what do they expect from their future partner? In general an information about their wishes you find in their profiles and it would be great to ask ladies while personal meetings what do they expect. So, our dear men, don’t be shy and talk more to the ladies.

We think that if there is a good communication between you and a lady, there will be always a chance to build a beautiful relationship. 

Then, there are lot of other components to achieve your goal.

Every case is personal. And we are glad to guide you towards your lady.