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There are different agencies and any of them I was registered make good business. Fortunately, Loveandmarriage and Elena cares about you and job they do is really great! 

Cristobal, 48 - MODX Revolution

Cristobal, 48


For someone who is looking for to find a life partner I advice professional matchmakers from I trust only me in this life, and this people can make miracles happen! 


Eric, 45 - MODX Revolution

Eric, 45


Due to your help I could meet a man of my life on one your party organized in November. We engaged this automne. Thank you and good luck! 

Elena, 40 - MODX Revolution

Elena, 40

Kharkov, Ukraine

Thank you so much for your assistance and support and services you provide. All the time of registration I could feel your professionalism and  appreciated all advices of good psychologist and personal assistant. Thanks to you I could meet a man I was looking for, my perfect match! 

Irina, 42 - MODX Revolution

Irina, 42

Kharkov, Ukraine

Social events are crazy at your agency!!! There are lots of beautiful ladies! I watch them from time to time! This is the top!

Pascal, 50 - MODX Revolution

Pascal, 50



Hello Elena! Thank you for your kindness! I hope I have created with Irina the beginning of a lasting relationship. I invited her to come to France in July, to stay as long as she wants. She will probably need your advice to choose her plane ticket.
Have a good day, see you soon! (translated from French)


Philippe, 45 - MODX Revolution

Philippe, 45


Hi Elena. It was a great trip. Inessa is now telling me that she will fill out and sign the US Embassy Fiancee VISA Documents. She will need your help in answering the questions on the application.

Frank, 68 - MODX Revolution

Frank, 68


When I found this site I was very sceptical about meeting a great love, but women profiles here were so interesting that I decided to try, and soon I realized that I made the right choice. I want to tell all men who are still having doubts - life with Slavic woman is an awesome experience! They are very different from western women in good sense, and I am sure you will find your happiness like my wife and I did.

Philippe, 42 - MODX Revolution

Philippe, 42


Thanks to the services offered by the team of Love&Marriage I discovered the nice and delightful people, who, as I could see from our first appointment were really interested in knowing me. I have already come to Kharkov to see the girls by another agency. I should admit that this time I was pleasantly surprised by the level of services and the work the team has done. I could meet beautiful and lovely Elena. Soon my love will come to meet me in France. Thanks to a team! (translated from French)

Philippe, 45 - MODX Revolution

Philippe, 45


First of all it's very important to clients that the Agency must be serious. That's what attracts and reassures us.
This agency is very serious, Helena and team are oriented solely towards the achievement of the desires of its members and its customers. The result is no surprise, if you want, if you trust this agency, you'll find your pearls. Thank you, Helena, for the time that you spent with me, often late in the evening and over the weekends, to make possible our magical encounter with Juliya. As for me and Juliya, we have only to allow ourselves to be carried away by the magic of which you were a witness :) (translated from French)

William, 48 - MODX Revolution

William, 48


I like Olga very much! I am very impressed! She is very much a woman for marriage!

Ignacio, 44 - MODX Revolution

Ignacio, 44

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Two years ago I made a trip to Kharkov and met several women through another agency, but nothing happened because it was only a meeting without hooked atoms. All the women had nothing in common with me, they were only meetings to please me. Thanks to Elena, who was my interpreter and who knows the women of Kharkov well, I met 4 extraordinary women in my eyes, but the 1st was really great, it was Svetlana. I spent a very cool week with a woman who knew how to make me want to rebuild my life. So, thank you Elena for this discovery and your advice. 06/18/2017 (translated from French)

Thierry - MODX Revolution


La Sarte

For people who really want to find love and build a new life, I strongly advise this agency. Thanks to Helena, the interpreter, who was my guide during my stays and translated during the meetings. I appreciated her discretion, her kindness and her knowledge to find romantic places. The meetings with all the women are very well organized, but I was waiting for the moment of MY encounter ... the meeting with Olga, a young woman full of tenderness, love, sensuality with the same goal in life as me . Ukrainian women really differ from French women in the approach to the family and the relationship of the couple! (translated from French)

Willy - MODX Revolution



After contacting the agency, I asked to do the reverse search: what women will be interested in me? My interest was in women aged 30-40. I corresponded with 5 ladies who were interested in my profile and who seemed to match me. I asked Elena to organize the VCs with the ladies that I liked more in order to get to know them better. I made my trip to Kharkov, and I had the pleasure of meeting all the ladies of high level, very well educated and interesting on all levels.
But the most important thing is that I met Julia! She is a very intelligent and well-educated woman. She has a lot of class. I had a real blow of heart for her from the first glance.
Do not hesitate to come to Kharkov, you will see women - sweet, cultivated, intelligent and very beautiful.

Christophe - MODX Revolution





We are married and happy together! Thank you so much for everything you did and that we have met each other! (translated from French)

Ercan & Marina - MODX Revolution

Ercan & Marina

Thank you, Elena and your team, for services you provided. I could meet gorgeous and fantastic ladies during my stay in Kharkov.

Antonio, 53 - MODX Revolution

Antonio, 53


We were happy!!!

What we wanted to say guys is on the video!

Great job! 

Christophe, Marina, Christophe, Irina - MODX Revolution

Christophe, Marina, Christophe, Irina

It was a wonderful and unforgettable party!
Beautiful and positive people! 
We will be glad to participate in your next social! Good luck!

Alexandre - MODX Revolution



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